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قديم 07-15-2013, 10:41 PM
الصورة الرمزية Miss SunShine
Miss SunShine
تاريخ التسجيل: Jan 2013
الدولة: Anime World
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نوع القصة: دراما
الشخصيات: Angelica و Amalia (البطلة)

تعبانة أكتب ملخص يعني الواحد صايم P: بس هي أصلا قصة قصيرة

بدي آراءكم!!!! اقرأوا القصة! لن تندموا!!

يوووش، فلتبدأ الحكاية

Chapter 1:

The heat is overwhelming; it has been ages since I've stood under heavy rains. This city is a bit boring, though my hometown is nothing different.
People love rain, others enjoy summer. It's a fact that people love nature.
People love many things; they are all interested in analysing personalities specially those who are connected to them. I am a human as well but I can't understand our nature. Why do people think in a different way? Why do we have dreams if we're going to die in the end?
I have a routine life. Although I know all people suffer the same situation. Today is my first day at high school.
As I entered my class, I thought I never liked the idea of presenting ourselves and meeting new people. All I do and like at school is learning facts. Friendship bonds always end up broken so why making so much effort to form them? People are definitely strange.
I sometimes had few dreams. No! I can't call them dreams, they are high expectations. People usually become friends at their first day of school, that's why I hope no one talks to me today.
-'' Hi, there! You don't look energetic at your very first day of school.'' A girl sighted and then she smiled saying: ''I like mysterious people.''
I didn't show any emotion. Her speech was meaningless to me. Although I was a bit angry that I finally hoped for something and it didn't come real.
She looked depressed or disappointed, how am I supposed to describe it?
-''You really are interesting, that deep look in your eyes,'' She said it with tears of laughter. She added:'' I didn't know people like you really exist.''
She left. I realized I am really bad at understanding people. That moment really proved it.

Chapter 2:

Jogging, drawing, reading and listening to music; these things are all fun, because I don't do them with people.
I love to develop my hobbies. It's a waste of time but it's better passing time to develop myself than wasting it with friends.
Today is my second day at school. I remember since my third grade of primary school I didn't talk or reply to anyone.
As I entered the class, the boys were jumping and fighting in a silly way. The girls were chatting and laughing. My seat was at the back, near the window facing our school backyard.
-'' Hello! Why didn't you salute us? Are you always in a bad mood?''
-''Humph! '' I ignored her. She was the same girl from yesterday.
-''Umm, I can read your mind, you hate me. But I can't let anyone hate me, that's why I'll tell you something interesting. I'll be your best friend in the end of this term.''
-''Why?'' angrily I whispered.
-''Oh my God! I'm so happy you spoke. Oh! And why I would be your friend, because you're one interesting girl. I told you, no one hated me before.''
-''You are annoying,'' I said.
I was really angry at that moment; she is the type of people I hate the most. What does she think she is to change me? Ugh! So many annoying people exist in this world, why wouldn't God get rid of them?
The girl spoke:'' Speak your mind, share your thoughts. You look like you're talking to ghosts.'' She was staring directly to my face gazing with wonder.
Ghosts do not exist. That means this girl is really the stupidest.
Suddenly, the girl took by my hand: ''Follow me,'' she said.

Chapter 3:

That girl and I stood on the roof of the school.
''I am Angelica. I am a future stewardess for sure. I dream to visit the whole world. I need to see how people look, how they live, how they think.'' Then she shouted:''Aah! There's still so much to see.''
I walked back to the stairs but she came running after me,
''What's behind your actions? Seriously! I told you my name; I'm telling you my ambitions. People in such situation introduce themselves. I'm sure you're not shy! Do I scare you?'' Then she screamed: '' Speak please. I'm dying to know who you are.''
I kept calm; I'm seriously not going to get tricked again.
''Okay then, I never give up. One term is enough.'' She smiled cheerfully.
''I am not here to gossip, I told you I'll show you an interesting place.'' Then she shouted ''Here we go!''
''You shout quite a lot,'' I murmured.
''I heard that,'' Angelica said laughing. Then she added:'' Finally you spoke.''
Angelica kept taking me to strange places. She called a small garden 'paradise'; she named the forest 'Behind the river's hidden Kingdome'. Everything was interesting to her, she enjoyed everything. Probably, just maybe this is the reason I didn't refuse her company. I felt at ease with her.
Angelica answered indirectly many questions I had. Now, I can read her personality, I can understand her feelings; she can't hide her emotions or lie to me. To understand someone, you must get close to them. That's a fact.
It was a Thursday midday, I walked back home from school but Angelica kept following me. She tried to convince me to go to another idiotic place again.
''Wait Amalia!'' She said in panting.
''I'm following you till the end… Till your home... Where ever you go.. I'd follow you… You hear!''
''Promise me one thing,'' I yelled ''After next month; the end of the first term, you will forget about me. You still are just an annoying person like everybody else.''
She was smiling, her eyes were brightening. '' This is the longest sentence you've spoke ever! '' She laughed then said ''I'm a genius; I just know how to annoy you. Do you hate drama this much? Tell me… Tell me!''
Angelica kept talking all the way home…alone.
My home was a Swedish ordinary house. There was one thing different; the plants were all dead in the backyard unlike our neighbours' houses.
I opened the door; I prepared food then started to eat with Angelica.
''Why is nobody home?'' Angelica asked.
I didn't answer.
She said: ''If you answer my questions, I won't talk to you after the deadline, if not I'll keep following you. That's a promise!''
''Why would I believe you? ''I asked.
''I never break promises,'' she said it seriously.
We kept silent foe awhile, afterward she asked:
''Do both your parents work?''
''They passed away,'' I said it without showing an emotion.
''I'm sorry, ''she apologized.
I understood she felt sorry. Her emotion was clear and easy to read. However, she shouldn't be sorry at all.
''What about your parents? 'I asked.
''My father is a writer, my mother is a pianist,' she told me with hesitation.
''You must be lucky.''
''Thanks, with whom do you live?''
''I have an elder brother.''
''I see,'' she was laughing silently to an extent that I thought her inner self was evil. She seemed quite excited, and then she said:
''Your brother must be interesting as well, is he quite like you?''
She kept talking and I answered almost all the questions she asked. We kept talking until suddenly my brother came rushing:
''Oh! Sis, you prepared food for me! Thank you! Thank you! I'm starving. University's food is so disgusting.'' He all of a sudden stopped speaking. He was looking at Angelica. I turned back to see her. She was wearing a hilarious stupid shocked face.
My brother said surprised: ''Who's that shorty?''
''I'm not short,'' Angelica yelled.
''Boy! You're short tempered,'' Then he turned back to me again.
'' I'll have dinner with my friends, make sure to bake a cake for me next week-end as a refund, see ya!''
''You have a strange but a special brother, you must be too close,'' Angelica said.
''Maybe,'' I thought.

Chapter 4:

Maybe Angelica would win the deal, I woke up thinking that I'll confess to Angelica that we may be friends. She's the first person beside my brother to accept me as a weird girl.
Angelica taught me plenty of things, l finally discovered that not only facts should be learnt, relationships are more difficult to gain therefore everyone is working hard to make friends. Friends are happiness, loneliness is sadness.
When I lost my parents I lost happiness. I thought meeting new people and loving them will lead me to more pain if I lose them again. However, Angelica felt never afraid of losing her friends. She worked hard to gain the respect of everybody she met or knew. She fought my hatred to people. I must thank Angelica for showing me the light I lost for years.
I was running towards school like never before, I was the only one running. No student was exited for exams. I wasn't either; I was excited to meet my only friend. When I reached the class, all students were studying and shaking from fear. It was the first exam of our mid-term exams.
I searched for Angelica everywhere, I thought she was late but she didn't take the exam, she was absent.
I thought to share with her the happy news, I must wait. However, there was something wrong. We finished all exams and she didn't attend even one. The term ended.
Angelica insisted to gain my friendship. She never quit school. It has been fifteen days since I saw her. Finally I made my mind, I'm going to search for Angelica's house and visit her.
Angelica has many friends; therefore it was easy to find her address. I walked till I ended up in front of an enormous villa. A maid opened the gate for me; she welcomed me and led me to a big luxurious hall. Angelica was unexpectedly rich. I waited for a while then I finally stood in front of her bedroom's door. I heard loud voices and laughing. I knocked the door then entered.
''Oh! Look who's there!'' Angelica didn't scream this time. ''Come join us watching this hilarious movie,'' she demanded.
I didn't visit her to chill out; I was frustrated my first friend I have made disappeared. Still, her condition was better than mine.
I sat on a sofa, hugging my school bag, watching Angelica and her pals giggling. Later on, they finally left.
Angelica sighted:'' That was a good day, unfortunately they left.''
''Why are you laying on your bed?'' I asked.
''I caught a fever,'' she answered.
She smiled then gave me a bunch of CDs; she asked me to pick up a movie and left to the bathroom. I didn't know much about movies but I chose one with an attractive cover.
Angelica took ten minutes and didn't come back. I decided not to wait any longer. I walked back to the hall than I heard loud voices so I followed it till I ended up to a small slightly open door.
Angelica had always asked me about my life and family. However, I never knew a thing about hers. Now I feel so curious to know about Angelica's family after seeing her unexpected house. Because I was too curious, I couldn't control myself to sneak a peek.
Out of the blue, I saw something unpredictable.
Angelica was coughing with blood. I stood shaking, I felt I was too heavy and I couldn't stay still.
When Angelica turned her head, she saw me then her face turned pale.
Angelica lied; I discovered she wasn't that much of a happy person. For the first time, I saw Angelica angry.
One of the maids led me out of the room. I knew the truth from her that Angelica was sick of Tuberculosis. After some time, I met Angelica. She seemed too tired and exhausted. However we talked.
For the rest of my life. I promised myself not to forget her speech, because it was the last and for me it was the most valuable words. It changed my life and my opinion and reactions towards people.
Angelica simply said:
''I envy you. You are healthy, smart, beautiful and yet you intend to hate your life. Since I saw you, I wanted to know why someone would hate his life. Though I am sick, I don't hate living like you do. I also hate the fact that I won't be remembered after I die, that's why I worked hard to strengthen the relationships I had with people. However, you simply are watching your days passing in vain.''
I replied crying:'' Don’t talk like you know everything about me… I also have a miserable life; I lost both my parents when I didn't even know what life is like. I see my brother once a week, and people barely talked to me, because of my bad luck, even though I was a child. People are harsh specially you. I hate you just like I hate my parents. I loved them too much but they left me.''
''So you decided to stop living.'' She then continued speaking: ''If I had more days to live than one month, I would have done many things; I would have achieved more dreams. Time is a treasure, use it wisely. You have another chance to live, but I don't.''

Chapter 5:

Now, I am surrounded with friends. We laugh sometimes and at times we cry. However, we know this is life. And for the people we loved and respected, those who kept a great impact on us, we must pray for them and live happy instead. Sorrow is never a solution.


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الصورة الرمزية Hinata
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Hinata will become famous soon enough
هههههههههه ماعرف شي اسمه انجليزي
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توقيع : Hinata
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الصورة الرمزية Miss SunShine
Miss SunShine
تاريخ التسجيل: Jan 2013
الدولة: Anime World
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المشاركات: 183
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Miss SunShine is on a distinguished road
هههههههه شكرا على مرورك .. أنا عكسك، دارك وينجز المكان الوحيد بالنت لأتواصل فيه بالعربي


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